An artistic documentary project about Eastern Europe and the Balkan Countries
Thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped us realize the three monh trip🫶✨
"Wild, Wild East"
by Jennifer Janowski & Christian Pirskanen
The documentary photo project "The Wild Wild East" is a project created by the two
Photographers Jennifer Janowski (GER) and Chrstian Pirskanen (FIN).
 The project deals with ordinary everyday life, people and cultures in
Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It is based on the photographers'
three-month backpacking trip, starting from Ukraine and ending in Kosovo.
Eastern Europe and the Balkans is a very fascinating and special region, also through
the atmosphere, but also a very different life to what people in the rest of europe
are used to. This area still seems to be very unknown to people. The
photographer's approach was to document the atmosphere created by the
cultures and the people, their everyday life of the locals and the joys and sorrows of
it. They say that travel broadens your mind, and they also want to express that
through their pictures. This project wants to make the viewer see life from a different

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