Hi my name is Jenny, I´m a photographer born in Germany and a daughter of polish immigrants. 
I always knew that I wanted to be a creator like my grand-grand-father, who was a sculptor.
After finishing my free artist year in 2012 at the Malschule Köln, where I studied classical fine arts, I started my vocational school to become a makeup artist and finished it in march 2013. Through the Makeup Business I had the chance to work with a lot of photographers and my passion for Photography, that I had since being a small girl grew until I decided to make it my profession. I Graduated from the university of applied science in summer 2022 and studied one semester in Budapest at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where I discovered my love for artistic and project based photography. 
For my final Bachelor Work I lived one year in Finland, where I also worked with the photographer and journalist Meeri Koutaniemi on several projects and exhibitions.
Working with her showed me the inside of project based and conceptual photography, which I used for my book project “four seasons of happiness”, which I published 2023 with the help of the cultural Association Kulturhof Velbrück e.V. and the Barton Verlag.
I would describe my  photography as creative and alternative. My pictures leave space for the viewer's thoughts and stems from the question and definition of identity and personality.
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