titel: "four seasons of happiness"
author: Jennifer Janowski
publisher: Barton Verlag
format: 18 x 22cm // 120 color pages with photographs, scans and text, hardcover
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“I always wanted to be happy so I tried to make everyone around me happy, in
expectation they would feel the same way about me. “

What makes us happy? What is being happy?
The photographer and author of the photo book "four Seasons of Happiness" dealt
with these questions. Growing up in a very Catholic family with Polish roots, her
divorce presented her with not only emotional, but also social and cultural issues. In
search of her new self, her path led her to the happiest country in the world,
The half german/half polish photographer lived and worked here for a year and asked
the Finns about their happiness. At the same time, she captured her own thoughts
and development through a diary and self-portraits.
The book is a combination of these two narrative strands. It illustrates both
figuratively and textually, by means of quotations and portraits, the most diverse
perspectives of different people whom she was able to get to know in Finland.
At the same time, we get a little insight into the emotional world of a formless figure
who is on the way to redefining herself and her happiness.

“Just in case I don´t wake up tomorrow, I want to be happy today.”
*Finland was named the happiest country in the world by the world happiness report
for the 5th time in a row in 2022.
08.-10.07.2022, "Werkschau", mixed exhibition, Fachhochschule Bielefeld 
04.09.2022, Unter Bäumen, mixed exhibition, "Radkultour" Bielefeld
09.-15.02.2023 "fours seasons of happiness", single exhibition, "Talking walls" Bielefeld
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